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Alexandra's Chantarelle Pesto

This pesto was created by Alexandra @anappleforjules.


Aesthetic minded family girl Alexandra lives in in the beautiful city of Graz in Austria where she works in the cultural arts. I knew I had to follow her when I first glanced her bright and cosy IG-feed. Alexandras feed is fresh! it's avocados and fruits and baked temptations, it's got a creative angles and ideas, and manages to be both personal and über stylish at the same time. She loves flea markets, oversized coats, all things grey, vegan cook books, minimalistic jewelry and Belgian chocolate.

Hi Alexandra, You're always inspiring me with your inventive take on healthy food, tell us more about your instagram account: 
My instagram account quickly turned into a foodstagram. My interest in nutrition and love for food might be the main reasons for that. My pics shall make people hungry again: hungry for life, hungry for healthy food that's not boring at all, but at the same time hungry for the pleasure of indulgence because depriving oneself doesn't make happy!

How did you come up with your pesto recipe?
- For me, Autumn is synonymous with mushrooms. So I was more than happy as a dear friend passed by with a box of freshly picked chanterelles. This excitement had kinda faded away after hours (at least it felt that long) of cleaning them and washing away the traces of the forest floor. As I neither wanted to continue cleaning nor throw away all these small leftover chunks, I came up with the idea of putting them into a pesto.  

What shall I serve it with?
- Serve it with pasta, freshly grated parmesan and more arugula. Or eat it on bruschetti or toasted brioche with ricotta.

This is why I (Nina) love this: This recipe sounds like beautiful music in my ears, chantarelles and parmesan, two of falls finest things in sweet harmony. I could eat this on pasta or toast anytime, any day and that's an understatement.

Here's how to make it:

Alexandra's Chantarelle Pesto

Makes a jar:

a handful a sautéed chanterelles
a handful of fresh arugula (wash it with warm water so that it loses its bitterness)
some roasted hazelnuts, crushed
freshly grated Parmesan cheese
½ garlic clove, crushed into pure
lemon juice to taste
a few table spoons good-quality olive oil
a big pinch of sea salt
a pinch of freshly ground black pepper

- pulse it in a food processor. You may want to add a bit more cheese, oil or lemon juice until you are happy with the taste and consistency. Enjoy!!