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Hello fellow food lovers.
I'm sharing vegetarian recipes for wholesome foodies here.
My book "Bowls of Goodness"  is released in January 2017.

It's new year! Lets set the table for  2016! -

It's new year! Lets set the table for 2016! -

Cork up the champagne! We got another new sparkly year full of possibilities ahead! My mind have been brewing over next years food and ways of eating it, but first, I think it's a good idea to pay tribute to this year we're saying farewell to. So here we go:

Dear 2015,
Thank you for being a really sweet and reliable year, you made a solid basis for me to dream up new ideas and venture into creative projects like starting this blog! I will look back at you without major regrets and cherish many moments we had together!
Yours truly! - Nina



Here's a few highlights:

- I made kombucha as part of my Slow Sunday projects on the blog. These naturally fizzy sodas are made by fermenting tea and it’s a really funky magic! Though the slimy mother yeast looks pretty icky, the result is a fantastic flavor. I was close to nailing a faux coca cola kombucha, all natural, but it needs a new brew for more testing. The fermenting time takes three weeks so this is slow with a capital S! to be continued in 2016.

"Good food is a celebration of life! "
Sophia Loren

- I wont forget eating the most wonderful corn tempura and miso flavored ice cream at fabulous Shibumi in Stockholm. Or the best hummus I ever tasted at Sir Hummus, a vegan Amsterdam spot that serves only that one dish!

- Netflix aired a fabulous documentary serie - “Chef's table”, following world famous chefs sharing their visions and daily life. I especially enjoyed the episode with Francis Mallman, a haute cuisine chef who lives on a remote island in Argentina were he is slow cooking using primitive techniques like baking under layers of earth. Going to eat at his place takes hours of travel in the wilderness. A Very inspiring and thought provoking serie.

- Our children didn't complain once over a meat free life style.

- During 2015 there was a small revolution taking place in the supermarkets. In the beginning of the year - the health food section in my local supermarket consisted of prune juice and weight watcher snack bars. A year later the shelves of a whole aisle were stocked with everything from bees pollen to special flours and rarer grains. Good stuff that we only could buy in the fancier health food store before. And I see the same change in many places. Healthy eating has really gone mainstream, and that's a good thing.

I revisited Swedish classics this year, adding my own twists. This strawberry Midsummer cake was a favorite!

I revisited Swedish classics this year, adding my own twists. This strawberry Midsummer cake was a favorite!


The food that were on rotation in my in 2015 kitchen was:
- raw cakes, and lots of cashew in various forms
- street food! - like burgers and pizzas, made healthier and plant based
- zaatar, cumin and other middle eastern spices were frequently starring in dishes like the Shakshuka!
- Swedish classics, made healthier and often veganized (like my cinnamon buns)

- I worked on a completely green issue for Swedens most read food magazine - Buffé, with only plant based recipes. The response was amazing and there was great praise from readers, but it wasn't all free from controversy. To say some readers where provoked by a completely vegetarian issue is to put it mildly. It's an interesting time we live in, a sort of fast changing evolution, where old ways of thinking food - is replaced by ...

 - A modern way to eat!
it's a great book title isn’t it? This vegetarian cookbook by Anna Jones might be the best illustration of the major change in food that's happening now. I love the selection of dishes - all with a healthy feel but not compromising flavor and culinary sophistication. Other great books I enjoyed this year was: My new roots by Sara Britton and At home in the whole food kitchen by Amy Chaplin, all three books, are well written with recipes you just want to cook up straight away!

Working as an art director, my love for magazines is deeply rooted despite the prediction that print is a dying market. I love reading my subscribed Bon Appetit every month and I get every copy of Jamie magazine, Elle food (the dutch version is awesome) and Delicious magazine. All perfect swooning material together with a cup of tea, These magazines always inspire my styling and photography.

- My instagram went from 1200 followers to 22.600 in a year, I'm so happy and grateful for the positive response throughout 2015! Instagram is a fantastic community where people can support and share inspiration with each other like no other place online. It's a real contrast to other communities where it quickly can turn more sinister. A handful of my favorite instagrammers took part in the N/A pesto challenge last summer, check them out here.

The Slow Sundays on the blog shared recipes for kombucha, pickles, pestos and jams.

The Slow Sundays on the blog shared recipes for kombucha, pickles, pestos and jams.

"An apron is just a cape on backwards"

Remembering the words of Ottolenghi from an interview I made in 2013, he talked about the power of food in bringing people together. I have kept that idea in mind since. During 2015 I enjoyed flavors from all the corners of the world, shortening the distance between myself and other foodies around the planet. I enjoyed Japanese, Indonesian, African, Middle eastern, American, Scandinavian, and French style foods.

I wanna thank YOU! For visiting and leaving comments after cooking the recipes, here and on IG. It's really lovely to hear from you.

So a year has passed and its time to to look ahead again. In the spring 2016 the blog will get a tiny makeover and new features will be added. We'll kick of January with some extra rebooting recipes! See you in 2016


Thin crust spelt pizza with beet & chèvre (vegan option)

Thin crust spelt pizza with beet & chèvre (vegan option)

Spicy green cabbage and sweet potato Crisps / Slow Sunday: Crispin it!

Spicy green cabbage and sweet potato Crisps / Slow Sunday: Crispin it!