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Thirsting for a early summer reboot

Thirsting for a early summer reboot

At this moment, I'm in the middle of a cleansing fast. So I thought I 'd share my thoughts on the subject.

There has been a friendly division between foodies and healthy eaters until quite recently, but all that is changing and the two worlds are merging more often with each other. Foodies are becoming more health conscious and healthy eaters are learning more about food cultures and making more sophisticated creations. I'd like to think of myself as a health conscious foodie! Naturally, if I'm on a fasting cleanse, I want really tasty and fresh flavored drinks to help me get through it, nutrition alone won't do it. It doesn't have to be terrible to juice fast, all you need is some good ideas on what flavors to blend or juice. I'll share a recipe for a delicious Beet and Raspberry smoothie right in this post.

For many it's a daunting project to do a fast, but it can be done easily and on your own terms. I'm now on my third day with no solid foods, just water, juices, teas and bouillons. It's going well so far and I think it's partly because I do this in an intuitive way. I start with easing into it by getting used to eating less and less the days before I do only liquids. So no chock plunge into the fast, really more of an easing into it.

My first day not eating I'm drinking extra much water and less of tasty juices so that day is more like traditional water fast. The following day I do a bit more of juices and teas. To go onto juices and teas after a day on mostly water, it feels very rich and filling. It's a good psychological trick that makes it easier to go on for a few days with just juices and teas.

It's very popular to fast and cleanse, and especially juice cleansing both for weight loss and revitalizing purposes. While it's true that our bodies are self cleansing and we don't really need to cleanse or fast if we are healthy, it's a great way to push the reset button and get new surges of energy.

I do this almost every six months. I don't plan it, I feel when it's was about time. This time I was feeling a bit more sluggish and tired in my body, so I do this fast to revive my energies. When we fast the body heals faster, the energy that normally is being used metabolizing food naturally starts working on maintaining your body instead, Yay! Upgrade! There are scientific studies that shows that people who regularly fast in a responsibly manner, live longer and are less prone to serious disease. So a good reason to give it a go.

So today on my third day, I'm still not hungry, I can focus and get things done. I exercise and do some yoga without any dizziness. I'll go on for another two days like this, then gradually I'll ease into eating again. I'm already feeling the good effects, I feel positively younger, lighter and stronger. Doing deep stretching yoga everyday during the fast feels like an extra boost.

Here are my top tips for a successful fasting cleanse:

  • Ease into eating less gradually
  • Stay hydrated, drink often
  • Shop fresh organic fruit, berries, veggies, teas and bouillons before you start
  • Make your juices nutritional so there is extra power for your cell renovation
  • Make sure that all you drink is tasty and delicious treats rather than purely dietary
  • Ease out of the fast gradually, eat a little on the day you're breaking the fast and then increase the next day
  • Not all drinking liquids are created equal, don't do sodas and lemonades or sugary drinks

There are so many delicious juices and smoothies to enjoy. Today I made a Pink Beet & Raspberry smoothie. Beetroot is know to support the liver functions and is generally very healthy for us. This smoothie tastes divine and is naturally sweetened by apples and raspberries. When you're fasting everything tastes delicious by the way! This healthy smoothie will be tasty anytime, fasting or not!

Pink Beet & Raspberry Smoothie

Serves 1-2 persons


1 small green apple, finely chopped
1 small beetroot, finely chopped
I.5 dl raspberries
I.5 dl coconut water
1 dl almond milk
2 tsp lime juice


Put all ingredients in a mixer and mix well until smooth and fine. Serve in a glass. Keeps in the fridge covered for 1-2 days.

A note. I seldom follow programs or diets,  but knowledge is power and it's important to do the research before you start a fasting period, if you never did it before. Good research includes scientific articles as well as reading advice from experienced fasters on health and lifestyle blogs. Always research well before you begin.

Let’s go bananas

Let’s go bananas

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