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Almost Friday moment - When Inspiration strikes

Almost Friday moment - When Inspiration strikes

Instead of sharing a recipe in this post I teamed up with Deliveroo to make a post about enjoying moments and to share links to things I like, love or find interesting right now. Let's start with the moments.

To really be in the moment is seemingly so easy but can be quite a challenge. I recently did a yin yoga class (a yoga that is all about relaxing) and found myself peeling away layers of tension. At first I managed to relax my body while focusing on my breathing. I thought I had managed to "let go" of the life puzzle stress until the teacher asked us to pay attention to tension in our face, lips, jaws and eye lids. Damn, I was relaxing my body but grinding my teeth. The tension had taken refugee in my face muscles. So sneaky :) The good thing is that I came out of that yoga class determined to have more unwinding time in my life, more time with no plans or achievement in sight. Time without being effective or planning ahead. Time to just "be".

Because we can all need some slack and space to reflect or connect, or just to be silly I've gathered some mindful and nourishing links to inspire the idle dreamer in you.


‘Boredom is Bliss’. Truly inspiring yogisha, author and recipe maker Kyra from Kyras Kitchen is writing about being and not doing and the value of Sunday rest here.

When your favorite healthy vegetarian restaurant delivers! Because I pride myself with cooking healthy food from scratch mostly everyday, I feel really deserving of having food delivered to my door every now and then. We tried Deliveroo and found that they offered food from almost all of our favorite eateries in Amsterdam. The time saved from not shopping and cooking was put into good use by connecting, talking and watching the beautiful sunset instead.

Yes it's time to pull out those blankets and cosy knits, autumn is here with a colder breeze and I can't stop thinking about making perfectly comforting and soothing warm drinks. There's been plenty of delicious looking comfort in a cup recipes from bloggers lately and one of the top of my to make list is this cocoa tonic by belen with natural and healthy ingredients like Maca, tocos, raw cacao and reishi. Perfect for comfort moments this fall.

A great time saver that will make room for more good moments is cooking "one pan dishes", I cook like this a lot when I'm in a simplifying mood. This article with a six step Guide to Roasting Tray Dinners by Anna Jones in the The Guardians Modern cook series is really valuable reading. Anna is the author of one of my favourite cook books "A modern way to eat".


If I could have a bunch of wishes come true right now one would be to taste the culinary creations of Korean Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan. Her vegan cooking inspired by Zen philosophy is regarded as the world's most interesting kitchen right now according to this article.

Independent small magazines I love this fall are: Absintheminded Magazine is a fresh and new online journal born out of the the popular and poetic Instagram account Absinthemindedswede that covers slow living and a love of rustic urban and rural spaces. The first issue is filled with beautifully shot stories about London, the Danish concept of Hygge, Natural Wines, Islemarkt and things that makes you want to travel and find hidden and unforgettable spots. And I love that there seems to be a play list with each issue.

Another inspiring read is Lunch lady, please get yourself a copy of this on point designed magazine full of everyday inspiration for family food and life style.

There are many cook books coming out now that I don't want to miss out on and this is one is a must read for sure: Oceans Greens by Lisette Kreischer is filled with mouthwatering recipes with seaweed. I've really become slightly obsessed with incorporating the plants of the sea into my daily food and with Lisette being one of the founders of The Dutch Weed burger I have every confidence in her as my seaweed culinary guide.

And if you want inspiration for all kinds of bowl food, from porridge and smoothies to stews and salads, see my upcoming cookbook "Bowls of Goodness". It's filled with my favourite bowl food recipes such as The Loyal Lentil Chilli, Laksa Lux Bowl, Water melon Poke Bowl and Almond filled Dumplings in Blackberry Sauce. It's available for pre-order on amazon and will be available in January 2017!

I hope you enjoyed the links and if you are keen on visiting Stockholm I have a new guide coming up soon with the best healthy and plant based spots, hotels and hidden gems...

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The Breakfast Club #5 – Sherrie's Autumn Vegetable Skillet with Sunchokes & Sage

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