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Hummus for dinner

Hummus for dinner

Hummus is absolutely delicious. And brilliant!  It's both a perfect sandwich spread, dip sauce and meze addition. Have you had hummus for dinner yet, or just hummus as the main meal? In the Middle-East Hummus often stars as a full meal, just classic hummus with bread, or accompanied by delicious easy partners such as fried mushrooms, toasted chickpeas, pickles, deviled eggs and yoghurt sauce.

In northern European culture, hummus is very much still just a dip. But Jewish and Arabic kitchens are enjoying hummus on a whole other level. And eating hummus is a good thing since chickpeas are packed with protein and good fibre, great for vegetarians and vegans. After visiting Sir Hummus in Amsterdam - an eaterie devoted only to hummus, I noted a few points on how to make hummus a week night dinner.

The fact that hummus is made with only a few ingredients – a simple genius combination of chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste) water, garlic, salt and lemon - makes me love it even more. There are plenty of variations and add-ins you can do once you master the skill of making super silky smooth hummus. Alternate by adding an extra defining ingredient such as coriander, chilli, carrot, beet or ginger. Though, a basic hummus goes a long way, and for dinner you might want to get creative with your toppings instead.

Find a good tahini paste in an organic or Middle-Eastern speciality shop. You'll be in hummus heaven with the right stuff and when it's done right. The secret to achieving perfect hummus is using quality ingredients and enough water – attain the much desired silky smooth texture of hummus by adding small amounts of water while blending until desired consistency.

This kind of meal is perfect on days when you want something easy to make that's both healthy and satisfying. My own days are sometimes more busy with writing at the moment, and if I'm not testing recipes for the book I feel like I need to eat something more valuable than toast with mayo and egg. I'll write more about the relationship between time and cooking soon in a coming post, as it's one of the main themes on my mind for a while. One of my goals this year was to focus on good everyday food, creating a balance where there's healthy and delicious food also when time is in short demand. In these situations hummus is always a star. Scroll down for the recipe.

A tip! Hummus and Shakshuka are lovely to serve together, Find the recipe here.


No fuss Hummus for dinner

Hummus is vegan and gluten free. Though toppings can vary. Eggs and yoghurt are non vegan toppings.

serves 4


2 x 400g chickpeas (2 tins)
1-2 garlic cloves
the juice of ¾ -1 lemon
3 tbsp tahini paste
¾ tsp salt
a pinch of cumin
1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil ( and more for serving)
water for thinning

To serve:
beet pickled eggs
fried chick peas
fresh parsley

Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Place the hummus ingredients in a blender. Start with 50 ml water then slowly add a little more until desired consistency. Blend and mix the hummus smooth. Taste, and adjust with with salt and lemon if needed. Serve with a drizzle extra virgin olive oil.

To make a middle eastern style hummus dinner bowl, add one or more toppings. Roasted or fried chickpeas, or mushrooms, deviled eggs, bread and a lite side salad makes the perfect companion to Hummus.

A tip! Make a double batch and save to use as dip or spread later.

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