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Bowls of Goodness

This page is dedicated to my book Bowls of Goodness
(published in January 2017 by Kyle Books).

If you follow me on Instagram you probably heard me mention my newly released book Bowls of Goodness. Why bowl food, you might think, well, it's a really fitting vessel for eating an eclectic mix of food in a style that many prefer for their everyday meals. It's the zeitgeist of food today and it's very much connected with many modern ideas about eating, ideas that I support with all my heart. I'm beyond excited about the recipes in this book. It's food that I love to eat and it features a broad range of styles and flavors. I'm confident that it will provide plenty of inspiration and good ideas for those who are looking for exciting and healthy-ish meal inspiration.

The recipes range from breakfast to dinner and even some sharing dishes for those easy going gatherings of friends. Almost every single recipe has notes and suggestions for vegans and gluten free eaters, though a majority of the recipes are naturally vegan and often gluten free.

The book reflects how I like to eat: cooking with whole food ingredients and with influences from various world kitchens, you'll find variety of dishes like laksa and ramen noodles, smoothies, porridge, curries, salads, grain bowls, soups, and pastas. It's food that's easy to make with lots of flavor.

I'm over the moon that so many people already bought the book, it sold out almost straight away after the release and the second print is already in stock, with a third in the row. The book is well received by media and featured in publications such as Elle, Delicious magazine, and Food and Travel Magazine, who reviewed it as:

Nina Olsson's Bowls of Goodness is vegetarian food at its finest. We love the Moroccan-inspired harissa, cauliflower and carrot salad that's perfect for spring.
--Food & Travel, March 2017

Bowls of Goodness is available in the UK and Australia and is published in the U.S. this summer. It's translated into Dutch, Swedish, Danish, German and Norwegian with releases this year.
You can find the book online and in regular book and lifestyle shops.

Buy the books here:
Online (click buy): (Netherlands) (Sweden) (Australia)

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If you purchase the book, and post a remake on Instagram, tag me and use the hashtag #bowlsofgoodnessbook or #bowlsofgoodness. I re-post some of m favorites and it's such a buzz to see your creations.

xo Nina