Coop MerSmak
Agency: Åkesson & Curry, Client & Brand: Coop & KF

This client case is added because of  its relevance.
This is work carried out prior to founding N/A.

An inspirational award winning food magazine dedicated to conscious food choices, focus on ecology, organic produce, and fair trade.

The second most read monthly publication in Scandinavia. Coop Mersmak is an editorial customer magazine for the cardholders of Coop MedMera in Sweden. A supermarket that promotes fair and ecological choices.

I had the pleasure of art directing Mersmak for nearly three years. My work was to pitch inspirational editorials to Coop and follow through with the production. An assignment would usually start with a specific food or subject to create the idea around. I drafted mood boards and sketched a narrative, made choices of recipes that would then be developed by chefs. Planning and carefully consider prop styling and set before production.

I was responsible for organizing production, briefing and overseeing photography. I did the styling of most shoots.

During my time with Mersmak, I adjusted the typography and design.
Mersmak was nominated for best Design 2007 and won best Customer magazine Award at Swedish award gala Guldbladet in 2008.

Mersmak reached an all time high readership, during my time as Art director according to national readership surveys. It had its highest readership record in thirty years. This is a merit that the whole editorial team at Åkesson & Curry deserves credit for.

One of the developments that I successfully implemented, was to change the main style of imagery. With the support of Coop and the editorial team, Mersmak adopted a more authentic visual style, Natural light and materials that were stylish and enhanced the core message of the magazine. Reflecting organic food and fair trade. Mersmak transformed itself from a magazine resembling a brochure to a real and passionate publication.

Mersmak Magazine was a production with a generous budget and during the years of working as the Art Director, I had the pleasure of working with some of Swedens best photographers, chefs and writers.