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Dani's Avocado Pesto

This recipe was created by @dochtervandechef

Danielle graduated from a course in Photographic Design at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, two years ago. Since August 2014, she combines her four passions; photography, food, design and interior design, in her own business Daniëlle Reizevoort Visual Artist. She loves; good food, spending hours in the kitchen, being with her family, to love and be loved, ambitious people, Scandinavian design, black coffee, red wine, the smell of new books, seasons, to meet new people, visit places she didn't visit yet, good conversations, beautiful tableware, travel, sneakers and snow. To follow or get in touch with her, find her details under the recipe.

Hi Dani, you're one of my favorite dutch IGers. How did you come up with your pesto recipe?
I love the Italian cuisine and their magnificent recipes created with just a handful of ingredients and to be honest pesto is my all time favorite. So when I saw the pesto challenge on instagram I definitely wanted to participate. The classic version is a killer, but I wanted to create something more special. So I picked an avocado and created a creamy avocado pesto with roasted pistachios, basil, garlic, lime and olive oil.  

What shall I serve it with?
- It’s the perfect base for an avocado pesto chickpea salad sandwich.

Dani's Avocado Pesto

makes one jar


1 avocado
Large bunch fresh basil of good quality
2 large cloves of garlic
100 grams of pistachios
100 g parmesan cheese
juice of half a lime
plug of extra virgin olive oil
pepper and salt

Chop the herbs by hand. A blender or food processor grind the spices too fine. The flavors are much more sophisticated when you treat the ingredients with love. Use only the fresh and good-looking leaves when you’re making pesto. I would recommend you to toast the nuts you used in the pesto. This provides an additional flavor sensation. Cut the herbs in horizontal and vertical strips. Make sure your cut the herbs really fine, because this is where the the flavors are released. As always in the kitchen, use a sharp knife to cut all the ingredients one by one, by hand. Mix the chopped basil, pistachios, avocado and garlic with parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, lime juice and olive oil.

Want to connect, work with or find out more about Dani; Dani is a Visual Artist available for food & lifestyle photography, hotspot promos, gatherings, concepts, portrait photography, newborn & wedding photography, interior design, design and branding. here's where you can find out more and get in touch with her.