Round-up finest 12 Pesto alternatives - by our fave IG's foodies: Slow Sunday

Round-up finest 12 Pesto alternatives - by our fave IG's foodies: Slow Sunday

Isn't pesto divine? I'm such a big fan of this Italian flavor making dish that I frequently make it with a big variety of ingredients, check out my creative play and slow approach to pesto making here.

Curious to see how some of my fave foodie Instagrammers would make an alternative pesto - I invited them to come up with unique and dreamy good new pesto variations, -  The results are both mind blowing and lip smacking good! With a mix of vegan and vegetarian pestos, and one with sea food, these pestos has flavors that reach far outside Italy's borders. But if you like a classic Italian pesto, we have an enhanced extra green version of that too.

All recipes are equally inspiring, but I have chosen two for extra honorary mention:

Swiss Instagram star @tastyasheck was the first to accept the challenge and instantly set the standard high with her Smokey Beetroot Greens Pesto. Here's a pesto with exciting flavors and guts, with sunflower seeds and smokey paprika - I would saveur this with middle eastern dishes like falafel or in a salad with grains like kasha or couscous.

The second pesto that magnetized my foodie radar was the Kimchi Pesto by @adelasterfoodtextures. Swedish Olivia is a real artist, and I'm not just saying that to be nice, it's her occupation apart from using artistry on her Instagram feed. Making a Korean influenced pesto with chili and ginger really spoke to my belly and my mind!

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A note, a few recipes are still being edited, and in that case there's a note of that. be sure to check back in soon if you would like to use that specific recipe.

Many warm thanks to Heike, Olivia, Ana, Dani, Alexandra, Betty, Tiina, Jinal, Sophie, Klara, Gloria and Emelie. You're all so incredibly talented and inspiring, you have impressed me and I'm so proud to feature your recipes here on the blog.

I would also like to say big thanks to German spice company"Just spices" for sponsoring contributing recipe makers with spice goodies. Check out their beautiful selection of natural spices on their homepage here..