Nourish Atelier strive to make authentic media with personality. With stories that engages. Ideas around food, living and style are constantly changing and audiences today are informed and driven. N/A takes part in and promotes progressive changes.

Creative services

Influencer publishing:
Select brand collaboration & sponsored posts on N/A's Instagram handle
@nourish_atelier and the blog.

Only for companies that are a good fit for editorial collaboration and aligns with N/A's philosophy.

I'm represented by Whalar , Fohr Card, and Influentials (Netherlands). For rates and proposals send an email to, please note that I only work with monetary fees and not product sponsorship.

Photography & styling
Recipe Development
Feature writing
Guest editing
Design & art direction








Advertising on the blog:
At the moment I'm not joining advertising networks to protect the integrity of this space. As there's is very little influence on what kind of brands and ads will be shown. For custom advertising on the blog.  Send an email.

Creative consultancy:
Food and life style - Concept development
Consulting on visual communication and media strategy for brands.

Design and Art buying:
Full creative and production services. Graphic design and photography for food, fashion & life style brands. Art buying. Talent advisor.


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The company

Nourish Atelier, is a small creative studio specializing in design and publishing for clients in the food, travel and style business. Founded by Nina Olsson, art director and creative.

About Nina
Starting out as a magazine designer for fashion titles, her interest in all things culinary and her good eye for design soon got her art directing for leading food brands and publications in her native Sweden.

Today she works with regular clients from her studio north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Working with Swedish and international clients.

She was raised and born in Stockholm Sweden and studied art and fashion before she made her Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, and Cultural & Media Studies at London College of Communication (London University of the Arts) UK.

Nina was awarded Silver for magazine design and art direction, in the Swedish Design Awards 2013.

In 2015, Nina was awarded silver in the categories "Best Customer Magazine" and "Best Effect",  for a client publication at Guldbladet, an award gala arranged by "The Swedish Content Agencies".

She is featured and interviewed in the book "Tidskriftsdesign" (translates "Magazine Design") by Eva Jais. The best selling book covers the history of magazine design and is part of the course literature for media courses of the higher education media schools in Sweden.

Nina is writing her first cookbook (January 2017, Kyle Books. UK)