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Jinal's Roasted Peanut-lime Pesto

This recipe is created by Jinal @pan2pen

Jinal is an architecht and designer who has turned her focus onto food photography and recipe development sharing beautiful food on the blog I found her via Instagram through my interest in Indian cooking. Jinal is both a technically skilled home cook and talented photographer. She comes up with the most surprising and inventive dishes. I was thrilled to have her doing a pesto knowing that it was going to be really tasty and special.

Why I (Nina) love it: She uses coconut. Coconut! And lime cilantro, cumin and peanuts. I'm in heaven, Please make me a toast with this spread for my birthday breakfast or make me dinner with this tossed into asian noodles.

Jinal's Roasted Peanut-lime Pesto

Makes on jar


1 cup roasted and hulled peanuts
¼ cup chopped cilantro
¾ tsp salt
2 - ½ tbsp lime juice
2+2 tbsp canola oil
½ tsp cumin seeds
2 - 4 green chili (I used small hot-thai style but its optional)
2 dry red chili
6 - 8 curry leaves
½ cup shredded fresh coconut (hulled)
1 cup water to adjust the consistency

Prepare tempering, heat 2 tbsp oil in source pan, add cumin seeds when oil is hot enough, as soon as it starts crackling and you smell the aroma, add curry leaves and dry red chili and turn the heat off.
Now chop peanuts roughly or crush them in the food mill to make it easy to work with pestle.
Now put all the ingredients in Mortar bowl except water to make the pesto old ways using pestle. Add little water at a time as you need to thin it out.
This is how mom used to make lot of things when I was young. we did not have blender that time and after taking this challenge I began to appreciate deeply what Mom has done for us over many years, sincerely thank her for her tireless efforts and cooking for us some get fresh homemade food at all the time. Its very slow process but very therapeutic and takes you back in time. Slow Sundays like this makes you appreciate little things in life.
This pesto can be served with many dishes, fritters, patties, savory cake, savory crepe and even hash brown for Indian twist.

While this pesto can be done in mortar and pestle it can be done easily and quicklyin one of the following and will produce different results.

Pesto in Food processor
Put everything in food processor and blend while adding 1/2 cup water little at a time. It will yield 1-1/2 cup pesto. It will be bit course, ideal to use as spread

Chutney in Blender
Put everything in blender and blend while adding 3/4 cup water and more per your desire and depending upon your blender. It will yield 2 cups chutney in blender-more smooth, ideal for dipping