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Klara's Rucola Sun flower seed Pesto

This recipe is under editing and was created by @klaraslife

Klara lives in Herenberg, southern Germany. She studied fashion and is a keen traveler. But most of all she loves being in the kitchen to bake , cook or make jam. She dreams of opening a little cafe.  She is currently working on her own blog. Her healthy spin on food is full of creative combinations and I would love to hang out in her kitchen if we were neighbors. her food is vegan and vegetarian.

Hi Klara, tell me about your Instagram feed.
-  In my account I want to show what I love. healthy and delicious vegan and vegetarian food. and you get so many wonderful inspirations and suggestions. It´s fantastic.

This looks so tasty and sunny, how did you come up with the recipe?
- I came up with the idea because I love cashews and sharp eat. And so I've been thinking how I can bring both together.
Through the lightly roasted nuts gets the pesto a wonderful taste. And the colors harmonize beautifully together. green, red and yellow!

How should I serve it?
-  it fits with pasta but also with zoodles or served on crispy baked bread. Very delicious!

Here's how to:

Klara's Rucola Sun flower seed Pesto


1 big handfull rucula
1 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup olive oil extra virgin
4 strawberries


1. Roast the sunflower seed and allow to cool down. Chop the strawberries and rucula in small pieces.
2. Put all ingredients in the mortar. Pound together with the pestle. Until a homogeneous mass.
3. Move it in a jar and make sure the pesto is all over oil. Keep in the fridge for 1 week.