Back to school lunch break at Nanashi in Marais.

Back to school lunch break at Nanashi in Marais.

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Nanashi serves lunch in Japanese bento-boxes. It's straightforward fresh Mediterranean flavours with extra goodness. Expect boxes with grains like brown rice and quinoa, roasted vegetables and fresh greens. We love the interior in the Marais restaurant, it is one of our favourite lunch spot interiors with retro funkis-chairs and tables, it has the look of an old school canteen (think "The breakfast club"). The restaurant in the 10th arrondissement on Rue de Paradis is near Jah Jah and other exciting veggie spots. Nanashi serves meat but is vegetarian and vegan friendly.
57 Rue Charlot (Marais location)
31 Rue de Paradis (10th)

BMK-8418 copy.jpg

Jah Jah By Le Tricycle

This afro-vegan café-restaurant in the 10th is one of my absolute favourites for lunch in the area. The menu is creative and exciting! If you’re craving comfort and flavour, try west African mafé, a peanut and tomato stew served with mango and plantain salad, it’s so delicious. Jah Jah is relaxed (rasta vibes running high, no dope, just good food). Books, plants and art on the walls make the restaurant homey and personal. Jah Jah draws a mixed crowd of Parisians, from fancy old ladies to bobos, cultural types and students. The owners also sell much-loved vegan hot dogs on a bike around Paris. A must for vegans.
11 Rue des Petites Écuries

Wild & the Moon

Wild & the Moon serves healthy juices, smoothies, and raw food meals on a whole other level than your average juice bar. Their drinks menu is especially fun and interesting. I love their plant-based milks, especially the Blue Star Mylk with spirulina and anise. There’s also sexy hippy teas like Chocolate Chaga or Rose Latte. Wild & the Moon have several locations around Paris, so check the website or google maps for your closest location.
138 rue Amelot


Miznon is an Israeli street food bar on a great falafel stretch in Marais. It’s small and lively, and the queues are often long around lunch and dinner time, so a hot tip is to come around in the less busy hours in between. There are no falafels here but lots of other goodness stuffed in pita bread. A folksy artisan take on middle eastern street food. A hot tip! Try the roasted artichoke or cauliflower. Miznon has vegetarian and vegan options, but it’s advisable for vegans to be particular when ordering.
22 Rue des Ecouffes

L'As du Fallafel

Legendary and perhaps the best falafel joint in town. L'As du Fallafel has been serving up hummus and chickpea balls in the old Jewish neighbourhood for decades. On a budget? A pita with falafel goes for just under a fiver.
32-34 Rue des Rosiers

BMK Paris-Bamako

This cosy restaurant around the corner from Hôtel Grand Amour serves dishes from the lesser known kitchens in Africa. It's easy to find north African couscous restaurants in Paris, but BMK is instead bringing you African specialities from the west and south African countries, The menu is vegan-friendly and offers gluten-free bread and desserts. This place is unique and recommended for foodies who love tasting world flavours, we loved the cassava cake for dessert and the bright and stylish interior.
14 Rue de la Fidélité

La Palanche d'Aulac

Vietnamese food is hugely popular in Paris and if you like asian flavours you should try during your visit. La Palanche d'Aulac serves the most delicious vegan versions of Vietnamese classics such as Pho and Bo Bun. Inexpensive and friendly.
13 rue Rodier

Greenhouse Paris

Greenhouse Paris owner used to run a popular food truck in Paris, now she opened this small super lovely place with a mixture of healthy and neo-bistro dishes. I love how that the menu offers both home made granny-style fruit pies and dumplings and nourishing bowls. The bowls are gorgeous and so next level. Greenhouse Paris strikes a healthy balance between wholesome and indulgent. Selling organic wine to go with your quinoa bowl. So French!
22 rue Crespin du Gast

Urfa Durum

Urfa Dürüm bakes fresh lahmacun; the tasty Arabic pizzas rolls stuffed with fresh salad and herbs. The area on and around Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in the 10th arrondissement is one of the most lively and buzzing foodie destinations In Paris, and you'll find authentic food from all around the world in this neighbourhood. If you never had lahmacun before you are in for a treat! Urfa Dürüm became known worldwide when Anthony Bourdain popped in for a bite in the Paris episode of his tv-show "The Layover". Vegetarian friendly but not recommended for vegans
58 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Hank Vegan Burger

Hank serves vegan burgers and pizzas; your vegan fast food cravings are guaranteed to be satisfied here. Fans of the Beyond Meat Burger, take note, this is where you get your kicks! Relaxed and inviting locale in Marais.
55, rue des Archives


Mokonuts is a cafe and bakery in de 11th arrondissement that is run by a Japanese and Lebanese couple who used to live in New York and London. As you can imagine, combining their cultural backgrounds, they've created a unique place offering a mixture of middle eastern, French and Asian food. Though they're not plant-based, vegetarians can easily enjoy a meal here. Try the fabulous hummus and labneh, organic wine, hibiscus tea and middle eastern pastry. Vegans should call and inquire before visiting. Mokonuts is open during the day.
5 Rue Saint-Bernard


This place in the St Martin area made us so happy, Chiche makes the creamiest hummus with all the most delicious toppings and extras that makes a whole hummus meal. And there’s more:scrumptious shakshuka, homemade lemonade and handpainted hearts on the wall.
29bis Rue du Château d'Eau


Yumi Juices makes fresh salads, filling sourdough tartines, and breakfast dishes like porridge and chia puddings. They also sell their brand of yummy cold-pressed juices. The café has a few tables outside, and it's a lovely place to breakfast, and people watch in the st martin area.
27 rue du Château d'Eau


Fragments is hidden on a small backstreet in the north of Marais, and they sell the best high-quality speciality coffee in town. Fragments use beans from Paris based micro-roastery Stéphane Cataldi. The cafè is small with an intimate sphere. A must for the coffee aficionados.

Tien Hiang 

Tien hang serves almost only vegan dishes from many Asian kitchens, mainly Vietnam, Thailand, China and Malaysia. It's budget friendly and flexible to order. There's only one dish that's not vegan on the menu. No need to reserve, drop-in only.
14 rue Bichat

The French Bastards

The French bastards are a new modern bakery that is bringing back old ways of baking rustic bread, with fermentation and natural yeast. Though instead of using refined white flour, the French bastards are using exciting new and old flours like rye and quinoa adding nuts, citrus and other extras to make the ultimate French artisan bread. There's also the good old sweet goods like lemon cake and Jewish babka. The bakery is situated in Oberkampf area.
61 Rue Oberkampf

Sol Semilla

This lovely bio organic shop and small restaurant in the St Martin area is where you grab healthy snacks and stock up on hippie-ish health food like seaweed and maca muesli. So much goodness here. You'll easily spot the bright turquoise facade.
23 rue des Vinaigriers


I developed a slight obsession with the Mamas trattorias, on my last Paris visit. There's not only the most luscious Neapolitan pizza but also classic Italian desserts like pannacotta and pasta.
The Big Mama group has several locations in Paris.
107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir

Le Bichat

Vegan-friendly organic café with delicious bread and grain bowls to go or eat in. Compose your own bowls by choosing the elements yourself. Next-door to Tien Hang.
11 Rue Bichat

Cafe Pinson

Popular Cafe Pinson serves vegetarian and organic food in Marais. The menu changes daily, and you’ll find a mixture of comforting filling meals and delicious sweet treats like Madeleines.
6 rue du Forez

Cafe Oberkampf

Vegan-friendly hotspot serving breakfast and lunch with an enticing menu. Try the delicious chocolate granola or a filling bowl with halloumi and hummus if it’s available on the day. The kitchen is open between 8.00-15.00 so make early plans to visit.
3 Rue Neuve Popincourt

Le Syndicat

It's easy to miss the low-key entrance to Le Syndicat. Once you entered behind the scruffy facade on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, hides a bar specializing in old French spirits and DJs are spinning retro hip hop tunes.

Le Potager du Marais

When you want to experience classic French cuisine and keep it vegan, Le Potager du Marais is the restaurant for you.
24 rue Rambuteau


Hôtel Grand Amour

Hôtel Grand Amour has character and colour. Every room is unique, and the main areas are decorated with afro-chic vintage design. This hotel is very laid-back and fun. Don’t miss checking out the subtle details in the corridors and around. The hotel used to be a shabby rent by the hour place before it’s reincarnation into its current form. Situated in the lively and multicultural 10th arrondissement.
18 Rue de la Fidélité

Hotel Providence

The beautiful rooms in Hotel Providence have a cinematic quality to them, designed with stylish French colour theme mixing dirty pastels and deep, dark, green and blues hues. Staying here means you’re waking up to French bohemian elegance. Situated in the lovely St Martin area.
90 Rue René Boulanger