Asian salad with peanut dressing
Smoked tofu & pea salad with cashew horseradish cream - or a vegan "fish" salad
Back to the roots bowl
Beluga lentils & butternut squash salad with a creamy lime & soy sauce
Butternut squash & avocado salad with shoy & tahini sauce
Scandinavian potato salad for Midsummer
Fresh spring rolls with mango or an asian style salad
Grilled apricot salad with creamy soy dressing
Clean crunch & green mash!
Grilled shiitake, Tofu and mixed Veggie Skewers with a Strawberry topped Salad

Burgers & patties and stuff in buns...

The Amazing Black bean Burger
Vegan Faux Pulled Pork
Chickpea & Garlic Mushroom Burger with Pink Coleslaw - two ways!
Shichimi togarashi tempeh burger with sea weed
Veggie burger with dill & mustard sauce, hot pickles and artichoke cream
A happy Meal - Veggie burger, sweet potato fries and Kombucha!
Seitan Satay bap
Veggie balls on fire! - "universal umami bombs" aka neatballs

Pizzas, wraps and rolls

Thin crust spelt pizza with beet & chèvre
Vegan lahmacun - with cool pepper topping
A delicious hot and cold green pizza
Vegan tacos
Fresh spring rolls with mango or an asian style salad
Raw Zucchini rolls and the quickest beet soup

Comfort & Mains

Butternut Squash and Kale Lasagne
Hummus for dinner
Royal veggie Korma dinner
The loyal lentil chili
Sunny puttanesca pasta!
Back to the roots bowl
Nourishing Noodle bowls - Laksa Lux
Neatballs Masala - my Indian crush
A bowl of pure goodness - Green Pea Risotto

Cakes & sweet treats

Swedish Midsummer berry cake
Cardamom, orange and berry layer cake
Apricot Millet & Oat crumble
Frozen mainly raw choco & raspbery cheese cake
Lime strawberries with vanilla and cinnamon youghurt
Scarlett Crush - cold remedy
Swedish cinnamon rolls & berry braid recipes
Friday fave - Ice cream sandwich
Vegan Choco Power! - 3 healthy chocolate recipes
Sweet Apple bake with oat & quinoa flakes and sea salt 
Rose, lime & chai cake with banana and hazelnuts - a yoga cake


Jessicas Kale Scones
The Impatient pizza dough
Swedish Knäckebröd with thyme and seeds
Heavenly Sourdough Bread - Slow Sundays
Banana bread with almonds, raspberries and cocos 
Banana bread, with walnuts & pumpkin seeds
Flat bread
Whole grain spelt flour pizza crust


Turmeric and Butternut Squash Soup
The quickest beet soup
Sunchoke soup with prosecco, thyme and rawmesan
A very green soup! - May the force be with you
Creamy Broccoli Soup with Feta Creme
Scarlett Crush - cold remedy
Chilled Coconut, Lime & Cucumber Soup

Sides & extras

Crisps, sweet potato and kale
Smokey Baba Ganoush
Faux gras - mushroom, walnut, lentil paté 
basic formula for making pesto
Nordic - a dill, parsley & aged cheese pesto
Bohemia - a roasted beet & sunflower pesto

Sunset Jam
It's an onion confit
Rhubi - Rhubarb jam


Kombucha! Brew your own natural sodas - Slow Sunday
Pickles - Slow Sunday
Pesto preserving - Slow Sunds
Heavenly Sourdough Bread - Slow Sundays