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Sophies Carrot Cashew Pesto

This rich middle eastern inspired pesto is created by talented Sophie @luckystaranise

Berlin based Sophie works with Human rights and has a taste for the delicious and colorful vegetarian food. She photographs her creations with an eye for beauty and charm. You just want to move in and live her cosy Berlin lifewith her from eyeing her feed. Go follow!

Hi Sophie, I'm a big fan of your food. tell us more about your Instagram feed:
- My instagram has evolved from an outlet to share images from my blog to a journal of the food I make, and, most importantly, a wonderful way to connect with and be inspired by lovely souls from across the globe.

How did you come up with your pesto recipe?
- I usually improvise with whatever can be found in the kitchen, so I decided to use some carrots that were wilting in the fridge and revive them with creamy cashews and some interesting spices such as cinnamon, chili and lemon.

It sounds wonderful. What shall I serve it with?
- I think it's best eaten with crackers or flat bread, on top of some green salad or mixed with pasta.

Here's how to:

Carrot-cashew pesto with middle eastern flavors


1 large or two small carrots
a handful of cashew nuts
1 tablespoon of olive oil
juice of half a lemon
1 teaspoon of activated buckwheat (optional)
½ tsp of dukkah
urfa chili (or other chili flakes) to taste
¼ teaspoon of harissa paste
a pinch of cinnamon
salt to taste

How to:

Cut the carrot(s) into a few manageable pieces, then blend it in a food processor together with the cashews, olive oil, buckwheat, lemon juice, cinnamon and harissa, until you have a smooth paste. Add more olive oil if the paste is too crumbly. Season with the chili, dukkah and salt and mix everything well. Enjoy this pesto as a topping for sandwiches, with pasta, or in salads... (Note: urfa chili is a spice with only mild heat and a nice smoky flavor. It can be replaced with other chilis though, or with a little more harissa.

Note: Dukkah is a mix of spices and nuts. A great recipe can be found on The Kitchn
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