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Ana's vegan peas & broccoli pesto

This pesto was created by Ana Rusu @schlangenhautx.
Ana lives in Bucharest, Romania, after a few years in London. She is crazy in love with her fiancé and spends her days working on starting a business around healthy food, and she knows quite some about it, follow her on instagram for a dose of super foody inspirations.

Hi Ana, You know I love your IG-feed, tell us a little bit more what it's about:
In a nutshell, my Instagram feed is about tasty and healthy food which is quick to prepare, contains as less processed ingredients as possible and is also affordable. I'm a huge fan of superfoods so I always find a place for them in our meals. Also, a hidden fact is that my recipes are quite low in fat because of my gallstones so it's quite a challenge for me to find a good balance between the fats (like nuts for example, as I also really need them in my diet) and the other ingredients. And last but not least, I am so in love with food aestethics, it just completes the taste of a meal and it's an incredible pleasure for me to make the food looks pretty.

This is why I (Nina) love this:  Ana caught my eye in the beginning of my Instagram days. Her ideas and creativity is matched by a stunning photography just like in this picture. And then there's the peas is in this pesto, matched with lemon, garlic and broccoli it makes a perfect side dish for a variety of dishes. I would love to use this as a pizza spread.


Ana about this pesto: For pestos in general I first try thinking about light ingredients as I can't have too much fats in my diet due to my condition (gallstones, which means I can't deal really well with fats, even good fats). But for me a pesto needs to be full bodied so I needed to make it rich but still light. So I remembered about that 'ultimate' green pea pesto that featured on many culinary websites a few months ago and that was it! The peas are consistent and creamy so I thought it would make my pesto really creamy and satisfying  without adding too many nuts or seeds. And it was a cool idea! :)


How should I serve this: Serving this could mean endless possibilities:  I tried it with sweet potato wedges and with zucchini spaghetti and it was awesome! Also it could go so nice on a good bread or raw crackers, with carrots and cucumbers sticks, in wraps, on top of your hummus or as I like to do with my pestos, simply on the side of a salad.  

Here's how to:

Ana's vegan peas & broccoli pesto

makes one jar


1 cup cashews, finely grounded with pieces left.
1 cup green peas, smashed
1 cup fresh basil leaves, finely chopped
½ cup broccoli, steamed, and finely chopped
juice of 1 lemon
5 tbsp of nutritional yeast
3-4 garlic cloves, crushed into pure
¼ tsp chilli
½ -1 tsp sea salt
4-5 tablespoons virgin olive oil
(chilli, salt and olive oil depends on your preferences)

How to:
Mix all ingredients well. Enjoy!